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We’re delighted to announce our initial website is live – as you are reading this blog on it! In the forthcoming weeks we will be adding more information about adoptions and sponsorships and thereafter translating to Portuguese as well. We hope you like the website… Read More »Our new website

Valentine’s day is near Why not treat yourself or someone special in your life this coming Valentine’s Day, and buy one of our handmade bangles or earrings? These are made by us to help pay for the animals costs and are made from Sterling Silver.… Read More »Custom sterling silver bangles and earrings

Basement-band-event details

All of us at Wigglestail want to give the guys from the Basement Band a huge tail wagging, donkey braying, goat jumping, bunny hopping, chicken scratching, pig snorting thank you for being wonderful and for all the money donated to help us! Not only was… Read More »Thank you Basement Band Algarve