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Giving animals another chance at life

Help us build a better sanctuary life


Our vision is to help save, care for and provide a loving, happy, healthy, fulfilling life to animals in need for the rest of their time on earth.


We care for unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected and rescued animals in all areas of their life – from food, shelter and veterinary care to socialisation and enrichment – for the rest of their lives.

We started 15 years ago, but in 2022 it became official.

Bella is the inspiration for all of this, being the first dog we adopted. When we moved back to Portugal in 2015 we realised how bad animals are treated here by some while others tried their best to help the animals.

After saving some animals from the streets, in addition to those we already had, it became apparent to us that this was what we wanted to do and the seeds of the sanctuary were sown.

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Coming soon – our sponsor animals

We are in the process of setting up our sponsor program properly. Whilst several animals already have sponsors, there are a lot more that don’t… and we’re bringing this online formally over the coming weeks. Be sure to check back or follow us on social media to see when this happens.




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